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Welcome to the 10k training plan:

This plan is totally FREE to download, to help you get started on your running journey.

  • I’ve designed this for anyone who has already run a 5k and is looking to step up to the next level with some more structured training.
  • Perfect is you are planning on running your first 10k.
  • You should be able to run a 5k before starting this plan.
  • There are three runs each week.
  • There is a RPE and bar colour coding chart with suggested paces for all runs.
  • The plan is all time based, so perfect if you work in miles or km.
  • It is 10 weeks in length, with structured training and x2 recovery weeks. 
  • Dedicated session for strength training and suggested exercises.

All the tools you need to run your first 10k. Let me know how you get on, keep in touch, I’m always here to help and advise

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