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My Achilles Journey

So, to start this from the beginning, I didn’t have any form of onset ankle pain on the lead up to this rainy Monday morning, nor have I have ankle ankle pain in years.

5 weeks ago, after an 11mi long Sunday run.

I developed 8/10 posterior ankle pain where I thought my tendon was and went straight in to Achilles rehab protocol and because this was an acute flare up (came out of the blue) and not ongoing random bits of pain over a week this was just a flare up.

My Protocol:

Semi loaded eccentric calf exercises

Night Wrap

Sports Massage

Usually, with an acute tendon flare up, we call this “Reactive Tendonitis” it calms down within 3 days and pretty much back to running of some kind within 1 week but this didn’t happen at all so I reassessed it ago and noticed something slightly changed which I didnt notice the first time.

Majority of the pain was only when I was in hyper plantar flexion (top of the calf raise) so a quick test and bang there it was..

Posterior ankle impingement however PAI is rather vague sometimes and can be misdiagnosed for Achilles so there you go.

So, I strapped the foot into a neutral position for 3 days to calm the back soft tissue and then loaded the ankle bit by by each day and after 1.5 weeks I am back running pain free.

My Plan: As long as the pain stays <3/10 I will build the daily milage by 10% until I have reached the weekly milage I was in week 5 of the phase 2 of my return to running plan.

All because tendons love to be “LOADED” but “NOT OVERLOADED”

Moral of this story, if it doesn’t feel right and your Sports therapist/ Physio has given you a guided exception of what should happen.

Then get it checked again and don’t just hold off because sometimes the original pain that heightened can change as inflammation calms down.

Want to know what my magic night wrap is for tendon fixes?

Click on the Insta link where I explain it.

Whats new?

I am currently on top of a mountain (2,600m) as I write this in Andorra, while looking after a bike rider while he gets ready for an upcoming Grand Tour in Italy.

Then next straight to London Marathon with New Balance so the clinic will be back open for 5 days between 22nd-27th April.

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