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Functional Running Gait Analysis

Functional Assessment  - Southampton, Portsmouth & Surrounding areas

What is running gait analysis

Running Gait Analysis is a method of establishing a biomechanical profile of how you run using a video camera and advanced software designed for capturing and analysing the body in motion. Slowing down this video footage to single frames per second, can reveal a host of interesting biomechanical nuances and helps us to show you how you run. Every single running  gait is unique, therefore performing a video gait analysis is a very useful exercise, as it helps to identify weakness and many of the component parts of the gait cycle that are very hard to distinguish at normal speed.

What will the process be

We will get you running (max 15 mins) on the treadmill to get you deep into your running gait so there is no fresh feeling in the legs.
Once warmed up, you will be filmed from the back and side in barefoot and if you have a pair, your racing flats or training shoes at speed.
We will then talk through the findings (how the arms are moving, what the torso is doing, how the mid-section is responding, how the feet are landing etc) and a report with recommendations will be produced and sent to you within 3 working days.
If you have opted to include the dynamic movement analysis, this will be carried out after the gait analysis using our 'Dynamic Movement System' mat to align what was seen on the video analysis and what we find on the DMS mat.

DMS rehab from common injuries
The use of the Dynamic Movement System mat can help to re-train the movements through the proprioceptive system (nervous system) to stimulate the neur-motors through dynamic movement patterns.
I use this to rehabilitate the running corrections using a progressive program over a 6 week program with dynamic movements and core stability.

Pricing structure

Basic video analysis with findings report 1.5hr - £100
6 week running correction sessions with Kyle - £350 - this includes a gait assessment post corrections

Running Gait Analysis