Hackett Massage Sport & Remedial Massage 

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What my client's say...

"Kyle is a great guy who offers a great service at a very good price. He's helped me recover from recent niggles I have had"

                                                                                                                                    - Max, 10.6.18

"Kyle is a very knowledgeable, professional therapist. His wealth of experience in the pro sports world enables him to identify, treat and resolve many muscular issues.

Not only does he treat my various niggles but he is amazing at educating me in how to manage muscular stresses better. Wouldn't use anyone else!"

                                                                                                                 - Adriano, Cyclist, 05.11.18

"Great massage. The best in Southampton, will help all types of runners"

                                                                                                                                 - John, 17.03.17

I visited Kyle on recommendation of some friends, with a running injury, His knowledge was first rate and he was an easy going to deal with. Kyle suggested a possible problem which was later confirmed with an x-ray, so I was very grateful for that. Would recommend him"

                                                                                                                                 - Dave, 16.08.16

"Had some serious pain going on in my legs with only 2 weeks to go till Brighton marathon. One session with Kyle and I made it round the 26.2 miles with no pain (well only usual pains for that distance) at all!!"

                                                                                                                             - Ian, 14.8.15

"Being a runner for many years, I have always trained at a decent pace. But my 10k times were 42-39 mins at best. After giving up alcohol and training harder I found my times were dropping. But 36 minutes was a stumbling block. I found no matter how hard I trained by myself I could not get faster. Meeting Kyle at a race that he won and hearing how he was a 31:20m 10k runner, I really wanted to know his secret. The secret was in the training. Kyle now supports me through all my training aspects. Setting me my 3 month training plan which has made me stronger in races. Believing in the training and working hard at every session has helped take my 10k time from 36 now to 33:04. I'm keen to go sub 33, the intense training means I train hard and race easy. With Kyle there at the end of the phone or through email I know that my target of 31:30 is possible. As hard as it is, if it was easy, everybody would do it!!"

- Alex, Runner 4.8.14

"Kyle is a great sports massage therapist who knows his stuff.  I have been seeing him since May having suffering with shin splints (MTSS) I received great treatment and a plan for rehabilitation. This included exercises and a plan to get running again.  It all worked and I am now back enjoying my running. I still have regular massages to keep the legs running. What sets Kyle above the other therapist I have seen is the fact that he is an athlete himself so he understands my needs as a runner. "

- Kelly, Runner 23.7.14

" Kyle has helped me overcome an annoying hip issue that was a tricky one to diagnose. I'm now running without issue again thankfully. He massaged, treated and gave me lots of advice, stretches and strength moves to remain pain free. He was attentive, thorough and knowledgeable. I felt that I was in good hands!
Kyle also provides a great general sports massage when I've either done a big race or want to be in the best shape for an upcoming race. He focuses in on my niggly areas and generally refreshes all my muscles so I'm ready to run.
All in all, I'm very happy and will continue to see Kyle going forward as and when I need to. "

- Anna, Runner 17.7.14


"As a dentist back and neck pain/discomfort is expected, Kyle has helped to eliminate the severe discomfort and loosen tense muscles. He has also given exercises and stretches that I can do myself to help prolong the benefits of massage. Kyle has an excellent knowledge and makes you feel at ease. I will continue to see him for maintenance and general massage and hope that this will stave of the severe back pain I have experienced in the past."

- Dr N Pepperman, Dentist 15.6.14